Relational Covenant

As ones who belong to Jesus Christ and the body of Christ, we are committed to living out our mission to be a church with a big heart as evidenced in our love for Jesus, one another, our neighbors and creation. To honor and protect the integrity of our mission and relationships, we commit to relate to one another in the following manner:


  1.  To FIRST seek to understand God’s desires and then one another’s, remembering that ALL decisions are to build up the Body of Christ and to serve God’s purpose.
  2. To recognize and embrace the sacred space where two or more are gathered in God’s name and to honor that space as a place where all voices are heard.
  3. To regard one another with kindness and generosity of Spirit in humility, celebrating and embracing diversity, as we treat one another as we desire to be treated.
  4. To be honest with one another as we speak the truth in love, so that our words and actions are encouraging and edifying to one another and the church.
  5. To agree to disagree in love, and when we disagree on major decisions to not take it personally as we remember that our decisions are to serve God’s purpose and not our own. When offended, in private go directly to that person to discuss and seek understanding, by following the example of reconciliation as taught to us by Jesus in Matthew 18: 15-20.
  6. To prayerfully be willing to take risks and move forward boldly yet humbly once a decision has been made, all the while openheartedly seeking God’s direction for our growth while honoring the traditions of the past.
  7. To honor God’s creation as far as possible, in that our relationship with the world extends to be caretakers of the world, seeking out sustainable options to further the kingdom of God.
  8. To honor and protect the integrity of our mission and relationships, we commit to being formed in and extended toward community.